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Hose and Hose Fittings
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100R5 Hose and 100R5 Hose Fittings 100R5 Hose and 100R5 Hose Fittings  
100R1 Hose and 100R1 Hose Fittings 100R1 Hose and 100R1 Hose Fittings  
100R2 Hose and 100R2 Hose Fittings 100R2 Hose and 100R2 Hose Fittings  
Y and YR Hose and Fittings Y and YR Hose and Fittings  
  Type 1BSR - 1 Rayon Braid Hose  
  Type 2BSR - 2 Rayon Braid Hose  
  1-1/2 FTR Multi-Purpose Rayon Braid Hose  
  Male Fittings 90H thru 136H  
  Male Fittings 205H thru 245H  
  Union Male Fittings 90HUM thru 136HUM  
  Union Male Fittings 205HUM thru 245HUM  
  Union Female Fittings 90HUF thru 136HUF  
  Union Female Fittings 205HUF thru 245HUF  
  Female Fittings 97HF thru 105HF  
  Low Pressure Hose Fittings  
  Lenz J.I.C. 37 Degree S.A.E. 45 Degree Swivel Hose Fittings  
  Re-Usable Paint-Spray Air Hose Fittings (Brass)  
  Lenz Paint Spray Air Hose Connectors  
  Lenz Male Union Hose Stems  
  Lenz Female Union Hose Stems  
  Standard Brass Male Hose Stems  
  Standard Steel Male Hose Stems  
  Hose Joiners  
  Brass Solid Female Hose Stems  
  Lenz 3105 Male Adapters  
  Lenz 3255 Female Adapter  
  Lenz 3405 Male Elbow Adapter  
  Union Fitting Brass Hose Adapters  
  Type Y Cotton Covered Hose For "Push-On" Fittings  
  Type YR Rubber Covered Hose For "Push-On" Fittings  
  Lenz 5105 Male 45 Degree S.A.E. Brass Flare Hose Adapters  
  312 Male Pipe "Push-On" Hose Fittings  
  311 J.I.C. Swivel "Push-On" Hose Fittings  
  301 S.A.E. Swivel "Push-On" Hose Fittings  
  Lenz 5405 Male Elbow Adapter  
  Lenz 5255 Female Adapter  
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