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Lenz Model ML-G Strainers add magnetic separation to the efficient straining action of the stacking disc design. Powerful Alnico magnets attract iron particles to the disc covers and away from the stainless screen. Oil passing through the center of the magnets gets a secondary cleaning action. The magnets are an integral part of the assembly, not just an add-on feature. Meets J.l C. specifications calling for magnetism in hydraulic systems. Die cast aluminum pipe adapters effectively isolate Lenz Magnetic Disc Sump Strainers from steel intake piping. When the unit is disassembled, the iron particles simply drop off the disc covers. These units may be ordered with 100, 60, or 30 mesh wire screen.
(See Pg.14 for mesh sizes)

NOTE: *area based on following: 8.0 sq. in. per 33/4" disc
  • 10.2 sq. in. per 4.25" disc
  • 14.6 sq. in. per 5" disc
  • 21.1 sq. in. per 6" disc

    Model MD
    Lenz Model M D Strainers combine magnetic separation and low profile disc construction. A cylindrical magnet mounted between discs makes a concentrated magnetic field through which all oil passes.
  • Available on special order: 6" dia. discs which have 21.1 sq. in. screen area per disc.
    3/4" or 1" NPT pipe size.
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